Mac Demarco  Rock and Roll Night Club
Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte / Ananerbe Music Club Crime In Our Flesh And Other Sad Story
Machinedrum  SXLND EP
Maddy Little Six Feet Under
Made in Iceland V v/a
Madeleine Peyroux The Blue Room
Mademe X The Villain
Madyx Into Ashes
Maff Maff EP
Maggie McClure Time Moves On
Magic Man Texas
Magic Man Paris
Magic Trick River of Souls
Magna Zero The Great Nothing
Mah-Ze-Tar Liquid Lotus
Mai 麦 Arcadia 1
Main Attrakionz  808s & Dark Grapes II
Main Saint  Santa Rosa Rural
Make Do and Mend  Part and Parcel
Makeup and Vanity Set Charles Park Trilogy [Part 1/3]
Makeup and Vanity Set Charles Park Trilogy [Part 2/3]
Makeup and Vanity Set Charles Park Trilogy [Part 3/3]
Makeup and Vanity Set Manifold
Mal Bum Tempest in a Teacup
Malcontent  Embarrassment
Malka The Constant State
Mall Kids  Songs for Kissing
Mall Security "Completely Unmarketable"
Malpas Where the River Runs EP
Mama Would Be Proud  Flash In The Panhandle
ManCub 8 Bit Crush
ManCub Business Dogs
Manic Sheep s/t
The Manichean "Sakura"
Manipulation s/t
Man Man On Oni Pond
Manque  Grudge
Mansions  Dig Up the Dead
Man the Change "Defeated EP"
Mantra Love Another One
Manzanita Falls Vinyl Ghost
Maps Vicissitude
Mara Donis Altered Tunings
Mara Gibson Galatea's Dream & Escher Keys
Marc-E Catharsis
The March Divide Music for Television
Marcus Lowry One Million Lights
Mare Cognitum An Extraconscious Lucidity
Margaret the Destroyer death did not happen
Marie Dior Antitheist
Marie Dior uss
Marina Stewart Dawn Raised With A Gesture Of Submission
Marissa Nadler July
Marissa Nadler  The Sister
Marivon while anchorless we drift
Mark Aubert / Bluezr split cassette
Mark Peters and The Dark Band Sum of All Parts
Mark Peters / Ulrich Schnauss Tomorrow Is Another Day
Mark Renner Seaworthy Vessels are in Short Supply
Mark Wise The Fire Within
Marley Carroll Moog Tenth Anniversary Voyager (Video Version)
Marley Carroll  R Cedars
Marley Carroll Sings
Marlo Eggplant After the Storm
Marlo Eggplant marlo eggplant for president
Marnie Stern  Year of Glad
Marriage + Cancer Marriage + Cancer
Mars Water  Tempus Fugit
Martial Simon Lost
Marty Thompson Unwind
Mary Clements Possibilities
Mary Preacher Sound "Songs Of the Week"
Mary Scholz Begin Again
Masayuki Imanishi Worn Tape
Masked Intruder split
Massachusetts is a Coffin v/a
Massicot Morse
Mastadon "The Hunter"
Mat Creedon The Time Has Come
Mater Suspiria  Vision
The Mathletes THMTHLTS
Matt Berry Kill the Wolf
Matt Duke  Love on a Major Scale
Matt Jaffe Kintsugi
Matt and Kim Lightning Remixes
Matt & Kim  Lightning
Matthew Bailey Tendrils
Matthew Good Arrows of Desire
matthew lee cothran failure
Matthew Mayfield  Banquet for Ghosts
Matthew William Charles Heads Up
Matthias Sturm All Beauty Must Die
Matt Pond  Natural Lines
Matt Pryor  May Day
Mattress Fuck the Future
Maximum Balloon s/t
Maximum Toughness Broken
max lee Colors of Noise
Maybeshewill  I Was Here For
mayfairgrin youth and eyes
Mazzy Star Seasons of Your Day
MC Lars  Ill Remix EP Vol 2
M.C.L.C&Dr.$NAKE Burritoooo EP
Mean  Knowing
Mean Lady Love Now
Mean Season s/t
The Measure Of / Sword Swallower split
Meat Wave Brother
Mechanical Smile Set the Spark
Medicine To the Happy Few
Megafauna  Love Project EP
Megafauna "Maximalist"
Melissa Marchese SIRENS
Melody's Echo Chamber s/t
MELVV When I'm With You
The Memories Love is the Law
Memoryhouse The Slideshow Effect
Memory Tapes Grace/Confusion
Memos "TWOMBLY - The Collected Demos Vol. 1"
The Men  Open Your Heart
Mental Fracture Disaccord
Mental Fracture Inception of Fear
Meraki/Toska Blue Jay
Meraki/Toska Apathy
Meraki/Toska Hidden in Me Somewhere
Meredith Moon Lo-Fi Songs to Cry To
Mereo Save It
The Merrylees (Farewell) Dry Land
Mesita Future Proof
Message To Bears All We Said
Message to Bears  Folding Leaves
Metallic Clouds Memories
Metal Mother Ionika
Metric Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Metric  Synthetica
Meus Meus
Mexicans with Guns "Remixican"
Meyhem Lauren  Mandatory Brunch Meetings
MGMT s/t
MGMT  Oracular Spectacular
Mia Yermeche Comfortable
Micah Sheveloff  Exhibitionist
Michael Barrow & the Tourists Never Stop
Michael Chinworth Three Vapors
Michael McDermott  Hit Me Back
Michael M Jeni 💔HEARTBREAK💔
Michelle Beaulieu Double Vision
Michelle Blades ATARAXIA
Michelle Blades Zoroaster & Two Devils
The Microdance New Waves of Hope
The Microdance Yo Yo @ 26!
Midas Fall  Eleven Revert and Return"
Midas Fall "As Our Blood Separates EP"
Midas Fall "Wilderness"
Midge Ure Live in Chicago
Midlake Antiphon
Midnight Norma Lane "Moxy Kid EP"
Midwest Soul Xchange Weakened at the Asylum
Mihka Chee Both
Mikal Cronin MCII
MIKEH Kaleidoscope
Mike Hidalgo Pittman  The Wanderer EP
Mike Mains & the Branches Home
Mikey and the Drags On the Loose!
Milagres Seven Summits
Milagres Violent Light
mile me deaf a blast from da past
Mile Me Deaf  Eatskull
mile me deaf Eerie Bits of Future Trips
Miley Cyrus Bangerz
Milk Maid  Mostly No
Millenials Generation Why
Millenials Songs from the Drain
Milo's Planes Aural Palate Cleaning Exercises
Mindy Gledhill Rabbit Hole
mine frisbee Somersault EP
Miniature Tigers  Mia Pharaoh
Minks Tides End
Minor Alps Get There
Mint June Surrendering Nina EP
Minus the Bear  Infinity Overheard
Mining Boom  Dining Room
Miranda July  18 Million
Miserable Crush A Miserable Demo
MishkaNYC "Lost in Translation"
Miss Grit Talk Talk
Missiles of October Don't Panic
Mission of Burma  Gun to the Head
Mission of Burma  Unsound
Mister Lies Mowgli
Mister Lies "Lupine"
Mister Rabbit Subtle Tribute
Misty Coast Melodaze
Mittenfields Optimists
The M.O.A. Marbles
Moderat II
Modern Baseball "Sports"
Modern Girls s/t
Modern Hoax  Maborosi
Modern Hoax  Sleep is the Cousin of Death
Modern Monsters Modern Monsters
Modest Mouse  We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Mogwai Les Revenants
Mogwai Rave Tapes
Molly Little  Demos
Moment IN TIME
Monarchs ft. Celeste "A Monarchs Mixtape"
Monocle Plastic Beach
Monomyth King, Does This Not Please You
Monsters Build Mean Robots " WeShouldHaveDestroyedOurGeneralsNotTheirEnemies 
Monte  Fall Demos
The Montecristos Born To Rock 'n' Roll
The Moondoggies Adios I'm a Ghost
Moonface Julia with Blue Jeans On
Moonlit Sailor  Colors In Stereo
Moon ra The Twilight tOne
Moon River Palms
Moor Hound  Love in My Jaws
Mopfunk "Missionary Positron"
Mopfunk Pillars of Hermes
mopfunk questionmark
Mopfunk Rim the Horizon
Morbidly A Beast Cybersex Grindmachines
Mormon Toasterhead just a house; not a home
Mormon Toaster Head "Demos"
Mormon Toasterhead happy days
Mormon Toasterhead Memory
Mormon Toasterhead monument
Mormon Toasterhead Waldo Found Himself
Morning Trips My Parade
Mosa Sharing the Light
Mosquitos Mexican Dust
The Most Sad "Subjectivit//Objectivity"
Moth Equals  Plaything
Motherfucker Confetti
Mother Ghost Somnámbulo
Mother Network Neocasket V. Eternal Beast
MOTHS "Tour Demo 2013"
Motown Nickelback
Mountain Goats  All Eternals Dark
The Mountain Goats All Eternals Dark / Tallahassee
Mountain Goats "Transcendental Youth"
Mount Kimbie Cold Spring Fault Less Youth
Mouse on Mars  Parastrophics
Moving Mountains s/t
Moxi  In My Dreams
Mozes & the Firstborn Mozes and the Firstborn
M+A These Days
Mr. Grossman Novella
Mr. Grossman ft. Parick Ames F.W.I.W.
Mr. Oizo The Church
M. Sage "Never the Same River Twice"
MS MR Secondhand Rapture
Mt. Judge  Not Always
Mtv Handpicked v/a
Mudhoney Vanishing Point
Multicolor Valium Kay EP
Mumford and Sons  Sigh No More
Muse The 2nd Law
Muse "Black Holes and Revelations"
Muse  The Resistance
Music for Headphones  Still in the Light Volume 1
Music for Headphones  Still in the Light Volume 2
Music for Headphones  Only Angry Lies EP
The Muttering Retreats The Letter Tape
MUTation Error 500
Mutlu Good Trouble
Mutual Benefit Love's Crushing Diamond
MV EE  Homestead
Mwahaha s/t
My Autumn Amor Quiet Girl
My Best Fiend  In Ghostlike
My Education  A Drink for All My Friends
Mylets Retcon
My Name Is Rar-Rar / Xaddax Mr Deer : Ripper
mystery-saint Year of the Witch
Mystery Skulls  EP
My Twisted Heart Heartbreaker