La Armada s/t
Lace Bows Bows of Summer
Lacrosse Are You Thinking of Me Every Minute of Every Day?
The Lad Classic Feelin' High
The Ladderman Figures on Demand
The La De Les  Carlo
The Ladles Nobody Knew
The Ladles Sunset Pink
Lady Gaga ArtPop
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Ripely Pine
La Loba Address
Ladytron  604
Ladytron Best of 00 - 10
La Faute Blue Girl Nice Day
LAKE The World is Real
LAKE RADIO Hypnagogia
Lakutis  I m in the Forest EP
La Luz It's Alive
Lambchop Nixon
Lamedd Permit
Lana Lana "Demo Tape 2012"
Landfork Nights at the Kashmir Burlesk
Landing Live at Bar 1/30/13
Landis Harry Larry We Built This City
Langhorne Slim and The Law This is the Way We Move
Lánre Beautiful Lies ft. Zaya Malák
Larisa and the Raindoggs "One Armed Bandit"
Larry O Dean  Throw the Lions to the Christians!
Las Aves I'll Never Give Up on Love Until I Can Put a Name on It
Las Kellies Total Exposure
Last One Out Still Life Moves
The Last Optimist This Moment is Gone
The Last Royals  3 Songs
La Terre Tremble !!! Fauxbourdon
Late Show  Portable Pop
Laura Paragano Strange Curses
Laura Stevenson Wheel
Laurel Halo Chance of Rain
Lauren Waller Night Stalker
The Lawrence Arms Metropole
Lazarus Seasick EP
Lazarus Ketamine EP
Lazerhawk Visitors
Lazyeyes EP
L.C.B. / Thysanura Un;altra donna trovata nuda nei campi di mais
LCD Soundsystem "This Is Happening"
Lea Bertucci Metal Aether
LeeSun Dry Your Tears
LeeSun My Life
Leighton Paloma Time Flies By
Lemonade Diver
Lemuria Carmine Skies
Lento  Anxiety, Despair, Languish
Lesley Pike Wild
Les Sages Blood Harmony
Les Techno Closer Look
Les Techno In The Sunshine
letherette Letherette
Let's be Loveless s/t
Letters Home  Take Your Time
Letting Up Despite Great Faults  Untogether
Lexie Roth Stay or Go
Lexi Scherr "Spring 2012"
LEYA The Fool
Leyla McCalla Vari-Colored Songs
liab antyfala L8R
Liam Daly Dress Me In Bones
Liam Mour Ode To Youth
Liars  WIXIW
Librarians  Present Passed
Library Voices Lovish
Life in HD s/t
Life in Reverse smoke-steam redux
Life In Slow Motion The Roots of My World are Falling Apart
Lightbringer Demos and Unfinished Tracks
lightchild Rain In Tokyo
The Lighthouse and the Whale  Pioneers
Lightning Bolt  Earthly
The Lightning Struck Inbetweening
The Lightning Struck Rock 'n Roll Ending
Lights & Motion Save Your Heart
Lights & Motion Reanimation
Lights at Sea  Palace Walls
Lillias White Get Yourself Some Happy!
Lily & Madeleine s/t
LIMB "LIMB and Himself EP"
The Liminanas Costa Blanca
Limited Impressions  Your Name
Linda Perhacs The Soul of All Natural Things
Linqua Franqa Model Minority
Lindsey Save Me
Lions Teeth  What is It About You
Lipstick Media Monster
Liquid Passion Paradise Gulf EP
Lisa St. Lou Ain't No Good Man
Lisa/Liza  Humble Noon
Lissie Back to Forever
Listening Mirror  Resting In Aspic
Little Bear  Bridges
Little Boots Nocturnes
Little Comets Life is Elsewhere
A Little Worm Lamb / Roars
Livingroom Don't Shoot the Messenger
Liza Anne TWO
The Lobbyists Golden Mountain
Lobotomic Cohesion Of the Splendor and the Void
Local Natives Hummingbird
Lockah  Please Lockah, Don t Hurt  Em
Locrian Return to Annihilation
Loi Loi Me Dystopia
London Grammar If You Want
Lone Kodiak Feet in the Water
The Lonely Biscuits "Biscuit"
The Longdrone Flowers Cesare Runs Away EP
The Longdrone Flowers The Carousel Tapes
The Longdrone Flowers She's Strangehead Too
The Longwalls  Kowloon
Long Weekends Tell It To My Heart
The Lord Getting Off the Meths
Lorde Pure Heroine
Lord Sonny The Unifier Howl
Lord Sonny the Unifier Right In Your I
Lore City Alchemical Task
Lore City Kill Your Dreams
Lorelle Meets Obsolete  On Welfare
Los Campesinos! No Blues
Los Mundos Regalando todo
Los Nastys Jagermeister
A Loss For Words Before it Caves
Lost In Kiev Motions
Lost in the Fog The Grave of Einzvach
Lost in the Trees Past Life
Lost Twin  Birds
Los verdaderos -TV 014 Hits
Lotic Glittering
Lotte Kestner The Bluebird of Happiness
The Lotus Effect "Rabbits and Royalty"
Lotus Plaza  Spooky Action at a Distance
Louder than Bombs  This Can t Be Everything
Louder Than Bombs What Resonates
Lou Reed with Metallica "Lulu"
Louise Aubrie Antonio
lovechild demonstration
lovechild In Heaven, Everything is Fine
Love Crushed Velvet The Future
The Love Language Ruby Red
The Lovely Bad Things The Late Great Whatever
LovelyOcean Depression on Tour
Lovers A Friend in the World
Lovesilkpalemilk Untitled demo
Love Talk 10,000 Single
Love Through Cannibalism / Med Lin Executable Dreams
Low  Plays Nice Places
Low Culture s/t
Lower Case Noises Blake
Lowgo Addict
The Lowland Hundred The Lowland Hundred
Low Voltage Rangers Dream EP
Low Voltage Rangers  Phantom
Loyal Wife Faux Light
L.T. Leif Gentle Moon
LTtheMonk 2 & A Half
Luc Glow
Lucero  Women and Work
Lucid Kidd Smooth Sailing
Lucinda Belle Baby Don't Cry
Lucius Wildewoman
Lucy Collins  Montreal 2013
lucy ford fog tapes
Lucy Loves Schroeder Lucy is a Band
Luke Cowan Ambient II
Luke Cowan Ambient 1 EP
Luke Reyvn Another Day
Luke Reyvn Money Pies
Luke Reyvn White Lies
Luke Temple Good Mood Fool
Lull Sea Change
Lumiere Tales Lunarium
Luminatrix Antihero
Lunar Navigational Systems Aural Portraits of Triton - Vol. 1
lundi mostla tape
Lunivers Happy Route
Luo Unspoken
Luscious Jackson Magic Hour
Lust For Youth Perfect View
Luxa Drawn to the Sea
Luxa Upon Return
Lux Natura Alone in a Quiet Place
LVCRFT Scream For Halloween
LVMRKS Pale Fairytale
lyle kam tokyo