Habibi Habibi
haha charade Goodbye Juliet
Hahaha Etc. s/t
Haim Days Are Gone
Ha Ha Tonka “Hearya Session at Shirk Music”
Haleek Maul “Oxyconteen”
Haleek Maul & Supreme Cuts "Chrome Lips”
Hamell on Trial Happiest Man in the World
Hammock EPs, Singles and Remixes
Hammock Departure Songs
Hammock From the Dust...
Hanalei 7"s, Covers, Demos and Rarities
Hand Drawn Dracula presents Milkin' It v/a
Hand Grenade Serenade s/t EP
Hands and Feet s/t
The Handshake "Canned Acoustica"
Hanetration “Tenth Oar EP”
Hanging Hills s/t EP
Hannah D'Arcy Probably Hormonal
Hannah Epperson BURN
HAPPIE Heartbreak Season
HAPPIE Heartbreak Season
Happie Hoffman All I Needed (Summertime Mix)
Happiest Lion Mammoth Moon
Happy Jawbone Family Band s/t
HAPPY TRENDY CR-13-For Trial Listening
HARKNESS The Occasion
Harmonious bec “Her Strange Dreams”
Har'Monique Take Over
Harold Borup What the Fuck is Dubstep?
Harvey Dent s/t EP
Has a Shadow Sky is Hell Black
Hasten Mercy Self-Titled EP
Hawk in Paris “His & Hers”
Hayley Jane "Idiot Child"
Hayley Jane "Dollhouse"
Hayley Jane "Soliloquy"
Hazey Daydreams EP
Hazy Memories “Out of Place EP”
The Head and The Heart Let's Be Still
Head Takers "Beyond Shades"
HEALTH “Max Payne 3 Official Soundtrack”
Heartless Bastards “Arrow”
hearts bonfire and so the beast has
opened its eyes

Heather Gruber Dance into the Desert
Heat Waves s/t EP
Heaven Telepathic Love
Heavenly Beat Prominence
Heavenly Trip To Hell Pumpkin Man
Heavenly Trip To Hell Pumpkin Man
Heavy Hawaii Goosebumps
HEELE Still Intact
Heliotropes A Constant Sea
THE HELL You're Listening to THE HELL
The Hello Darlins Better Days
Hellogoodbye Everything is Debatable
Helms Alee Sleepwalking Sailors
The Henry Clay People “Twenty Five”
Herbcraft "Ashram To The Stars”
Here Come Dots A House in the Country
The Hereticks "Cause"
Here We Go Magic “Different”
Her Royal Harness The Hunting Room
Her Stems Spiral Princess Poured Out
He Whose Ox is Gored Nightshade EP
Hexagrams Ghosts
Hey Elbow We Three
Hey Rosetta! “Live at Verge”
The Hidden Cameras AGE
Highasakite In and Out of Weeks
Highasakite Uranium Heart
High Chair Hey Mountain Hey
High on Fire “De Vermis”
High Pop "Hip Hip Hooray"
High Water Marks “Pretending to Be Loud”
The High Strung Quiet Riots
Hip Hatchet “Men Who Share My Name”
Hippy Falling in Love with Being Alive
His Clancyness Vicious
The History of Apple Pie Out of View
The History of Colour TV Emerald Cures Chic Ills
The Hives “Lex Hives”
Hobo Cubes Serpensulla Gardens
Hog Bucket Old Mustard
Höhn Scarp
Hollis Brown Don'tcha Bother Me
Holly Miranda Holly Miranda
Holograms Forever
Holograms s/t
The Holydrug Couple Noctuary
Holy Fiction "Hours From Dance"
Holy Ghost! Dynamics
Holy Ghost! Teenagers in Heat
Holy Ghost Tent Revival "Sweat Like the Old Days"
Holy Wave Relax
Homecoming Mt. Killzonbith
Home Video Circle City Under Siege
Honey Cutt Coasting
Hooded Fang Gravez
The Hood Internet s/t
Hook Best Days
Hooray! “Bedhead Remedy”
Hooray for Love s/t EP
Hop Along Painted Shut
Horace Grant demo
Horse Feathers “Cynic’s New Year”
Hospital When the Trees were Higher
Hospitality s/t
Hospitality Trouble
Host Demo
Hostage Calm Demo
Host Skull “Totally Fatalist”
Hot Chip “In Our Heads”
The Hotel Year "It Never Goes Out"
Hot Fiction “Apply Within”
Hot Freak Nation “Lifetime to”
Hot Glew May I Come In?
Hot Water Music “Exister”
Houses A Quiet Darkness
Housewives Housewives
Howly Dogs Union Station EP
How to Dress Well “It Was U”
Howler “America Give Up”
Howlin’ Rain “Russian Wilds”
Hozier Take Me To Church E.P.
Hrvrd From the Bird's Cage
Human Colonies Demo EP
Humanimals Hollow Ship
Human Weapon “Tantalizing So”
The Humors Bleeding Edge EP
The Hungry Onions “The Other Side”
Hunnid Buss That
The Hunt The Hunt Begins
Hunter Hunter Demo EP
Hunters s/t
Hunx and His Punx Street Punk
Hunx and His Punx “Hairdresser Blues”
Hurray for the Riff Raff My Dearest Darkest Neighbor
Hurricane Sugar Narcissist
Hush Hush Pony “Wants 2”
Hussle Club “Loose Tights EP”
The Huxtables A Touch of Wonder
HyBrazil Four Seasons
THE HYBRIDS / Brusci - Lieb MIGRATION metamorphosis - 1st Movement: Migration
HYMNS “Cardinal Sins Contrary”
Hyper Vigilance Eat more medication demo tape