Gabe Goodman “Midnight Sour EP”
Gabriel Birnbaum Nightwater
Galactic “Carnivale Electricos”
Galactic Cannibal Demo Tape
Galapaghost Sootie
The Gamma Rays Live From Cinthia's Balcony
Gamma Wave “Ms. McGillicuddy”
Gang Colours Invisible in Your City
Gap Dream “Ali Baba”
Gap Dream Shine Your Light
gapTOOTH CLICHE sings (basement sessions)
Garbage “Not Your Kind of People”
Gardens & Villa Dunes
Garrett Pierce "City of Sand"
Gary Clark Jr. Blak and Blu
Gashcat “Devil Kid demos”
Gaslight Anthem “45”
Gatekeeper “Exo”
Gatsby's Estate Intro/Extra
Gauntlet Hair Stills
Gavin Conway Throw a Stone
Gavin Fox Awakened
Gavin Fox If I Could Survive This
Gavin Fox Tell Me So
GAZA Oid Ocrop
Gebhard Ullman Basement Research Impromptus and Other Short Works
Gem Club In Roses
generation no “I am an Astronaut”
Geoff Liberated Atheist
Geoff Gibbons Feet Out the Window
Geoff Gibbons Shadow of a Stone
Geoff Rickly “Mixtape 1”
The Georgia Thunderbolts Can I Get A Witness
George Diaz High Rise
George Gritzbach Full Circle
Gerald Ahern Wrong
German Army Tassili Plateau
GETTERS Blindsided
Getters Paint Thinner
Getters We Are Getters
Ghibli “Rare Pleasures”
Ghormeh Sabzi "Cupcake EP"
Ghost Actor Vile
Ghost Box Orchestra Vanished
Ghost Box Orchestra The Only Light On
Ghost Box Orchestra "Spring Tour 2011 Tape"
Ghost Culture Ghost Culture
Ghost Drugs S-T
Ghost Flute & Dice Kropsbygning
Ghost Harmonics Listening To The Long Shadows
Ghost Mice / Defiance Ohio split
Ghost Noise This is the Next Part of Your Dream
Ghost Noise Teen Veins
Ghost of You Ocean K
Ghost Parties s/t
Ghostpizza "YMID"
Ghost Thrower / Foreign Tongues split EP
The Ghost Wolves “In Ya Neck”
Giant Claw Soft Channel No. 1 [single]
Gideon King & City Blog Just Another Story
Gideon King & City Blog Splinters
Gideon King & City Blog Upscale Madhouse
Gideon King & City Blog Whatchya Gonna Do
Gift of Gab "Next Logical Progression"
Gingerlys Summer Cramps
Girl Scouts “Thanksalot”
Giraffage Needs
Giraffage "Comfort"
girlpool What Chaos Is Imaginary
Girls “Father Son and Holy Ghost”
Girls Name The New Life
Girls With Depression We -touch- the Sky
Girl 27 The End
glamour glamour2
Glasser Interiors
Glass Owl "Onesironaut"
Glass Vaults Ancient Gates
Glen Hansard “Rhythm and Repose”
Gliss Langsom Dans
Globus Cinematica
glorie Falling
Glories Mother Reverb
Gloss Front Porch 7"
GLOSS "Front Porch"
Gloss Varnish Four Singles
Gloss Varnish Floral Groove
Glowbug "Suit of Swords"
Glu3niverse Cold Heartbeat
Gnarwolves “Cru”
Goddamm Electric Bill “Dead Alive”
Go Dark Neon Young
Go Deep Counseling
Godlomanmachopanzilla "Computer Jesus Refrigerator"
Go Go Kill Intro
Gogol Bordello Pura Vida Conspiracy
Gogol Bordello “Gypsy Punks”
Goldeen Off Duty Detective
golden Gurls “Typo Magic”
The Goldhearts The Rise and Fall of The Goldhearts
The Goldwyn Experiment Avenue B
go nogo New Folks Remixed
Goodwill Falcon Primary Tones (CD EP)
Good Willsmith Is The Food Your Family Slowly
Gora Sou Living XXL
Gora Sou "Music for Girls"
Gora Sou Troposphere Themes
Gore Gore Girls “Hearya Session at Shirk Music”
gorgeous bully “Young Obese”
Gorgon City Athena
The Gossip "Joyful Noise"
Goyte “Making Mirrors”
Grace and Tony November
Grace Scheele pomposity
Graham Davy Fear
Grapefruit Stolen Highway
Grass Widow “Internal Logic”
Grave Babies Two Songs
Gravity's Rainbow Yesterday's Horizon
A Great Big Pile of Leaves You're Always on My Mind
Great Grandpa Can Opener
Great Granpda Plastic Cough
Greatest Month Herbs
Great Lakes USA “Great Butts Split”
Great White Buffalo s/t
Green Day iUno!
Green Day iDos!
Green Day Tre
Greg Jacquin Clocks Slow Down
Gregory Abbott Summer In The City
Gremlins s/t
Gretchen Lyme Mogadon
Grimelda Freedom
Grimes “Geidi Primes”
Grimes "Visions"
Grim Luck! “Alexandra Volume 2”
Grindcore Christmas Volume 2 v/a
Gringo Star Floating Out to See
Grizzly Bear Three Albums at Once
Grizzly Bear "Gun Shy" (Lindstrom Remix)
Grooms “Prom”
Grouplove Spreading Rumours
Grouplove “Never Trust a Happy Song”
grower/deathdealer split
The Grow Fangs Flippin' Out Right Now
GSJF “MondayMarch26th2012”
Guardian Alien Spiritual Emergency
Gui Boratto The K2 Chapter
Guilt Party "Basement Church Demo"
Guilt Party “Topical”
The Gulps The Kings House
Gunwaif Arpega
Gunwaif Playgue
Gutter Twins “Saturnalia”
Guy Forsythe “Freedom to Fail”
Gwenno Le Kov
Gwiazdy i Lęk Oblivion Overlapped
The Gypsy Curse "From these broken hands"