Caddywhompus "Remainder"
Caged Animals In the Land of Giants
Cairo Liberation Front Basha
Caleb Dailey Strawberry Dreams
Caleb Groh Bottomless Coffee
Calexico The Guard: Original Soundtrack
Calexico Feast of Wire
Califone Stitches
California Baseball Band Deep Creek
California Wives Art History
California X Nights in the Dark
Callaghan "Life in Full Colour"
Calvin Love New Radar
Calyer In the Haze
Camera Obscura Desire Lines
Camera Obscura My Maudlin Career
Candy Colors Alive
Cannon Beach Concrete -- People and Things
Capital Cities s/t EP
Capslock Down s/t
Captain Ahab After the Rain My Heart Still Dreams
Cardinal “Hymns”
Career Girls Daz Yarn Combo
The Caretaker “Extra Patience (After Sebald)”
Cari Clara “Midnight March”
Carly Commando "Everyday 2.0" [single]
Caro Emerald “Deleted Scenes”
Caroline Duke Be Wild
The Caroline Sessions Finale
Carrie Rodriguez “Give Me All You Got”
Carrie Wilds s/t
Carroll Needs
Carry Your Ghost "Weight of the World"
Carter Moulton “Michigan”
CASARUS Califeron
Case Studies This is Another Life
Casey Baer take it personal
Casey Moon distance
The Casket Girls True Love Kills the Fairy Tale
Caspian “Live at Old South Church”
Cass Clayton We're All Going Down
Cassettes on Tape "Cathedrals EP"
Cassettes on Tape Murmuration
Cassida Pax Hidden Relations EP
Cassio Kohl “Legendary”
Cass McCombs Big Wheel and Others
Cat Catastrophe and The Night Terrors Predo EP
Cat Catastrophe and The Night Terrors The Perfect Kiss
Catherine Hershey lci le coeur - mostla tape
Cat Martino Yr Not Alone
Cat Power Moon Pix
Cat Power Jukebox
Cat Power The Greatest
Cat's Eyes Nomade
Cate Le Bon “CYRK / CYRK II”
Cate Le Bon "CYRK"
Cate le Bon Mug Museum
Cause and Effect Vol. 1 v/a
Caust / This is not for you split
Caution Children “This Song is Set in 1998”
Cavedweller "2016 Pt II I"
Cayetana “Demo”
Cayucas Bigfoot
Celebrity Warship Culture Recreational Everything
Celica XX Imperius
center of the sun Fade Into You
Center of the Sun Machine Gun
ceo Wonderland
Cerce s/t
Cerce / I Kill Giants An Miracle
Ceremony "Safranin Sounds"
Ceremony "Zoo"
Cerna Restoring Life
CFCF Outside
Chad Serhal “Golden”
The Chain Gang of 1974 Daydream Forever
Chainsaw Rainbow alien cowgirl
Chains of Love “Strange Grey”
Chains of Love "Strange Grey"
Chairlift "Something"
CHAIRS "Buzzing Surgeons Air"
CHAIRS "Puppet State Shaman"
Chaise Rouge PANDIUM
Chalk And Numbers Parade EP
chalkboards whitewash
Chantal Preston Girls Can Be Toxic
Charlatan Accidents Happen
Charlie Nieland Under Dark
Charlie Oxford Charlie Oxford
Charli XCX True Romance
Charlotte Sands Alright
Charmparticles “The Year We Make Contact”
Chase After Phantoms and Die We Only Say Goodbye
Chase Bell Live Easy
Chasing Abbey Hold On
Chasing Ghosts Everything Changes [single]
Chawa Lilith Euphonious
Cheatahs Cheatahs
The Chelsea Clintons Get...
Chelsea Wolfe Pain is Beauty
Cherry Glazerr Haxel Princess
The Cherry Wave “Blush EP”
Cheap Art EP
Chemist Reflect
Chen | Pitcher | Van Nort One History of Troy
Chest Pain 7"
chibi-tech Moe Moe Kyunstep
Chic Gamine Closer
CHICKENANDROFLS This is a thing I made for you
Child Actor Promise EP
Child Actor Victory
Children of Pop Fiesta Drift
The Chills Somewhere Beautiful
Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan
Chin Injeti All for Nothing
Chipocrite 8-bit Lebowski: 100% Electronic
Chloe Charles Break the Balance
Chris Birkett Precious Love
Chris Cappello Could Be Bitter Forever
Chris Cappello Wretches of the Frozen Crust
Chris Conroy Wolves
Chris Duarte Nobody But You
Chris Forte Backyard Astronomy
Chris Ianuzzi Infinite Prize & Setagaya
Chris Ianuzzi Live in Today & Funtastic Hellos
Chris Ianuzzi March of Madness
Chris Ianuzzi Maze
Chris Kabs More
Chris Kabs More Than A Number
Chris Lastovicka Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)
Chris Mardini Chris Mardini
Chris Mardini I'll Try
Chris Mardini Pockets
Christee Palace Love Me Better
Christine Wall "Kittenbush EP"
Christopher Chaplin M
Christopher Owens Lysandre
Chromatics “Kill For Love”
Chrome Sparks Sparks EP
C H U R C H E S s/t
CHVRCHES The Bones of What You Believe
Cibo Matto Hotel Valentine
Cities Aviv "Digital Lows"
Cities Aviv “Black Pleasure”
Cities Aviv Come to Life
Citizens “Here We Are”
The Civil Wars “Live at Eddie’s”
The Civil Wars s/t
The Civil Wars "Barton Hollow"
Claire Tolman Real Kid
The Clam Into the Echo
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah s/t
Clara Hill Walk the Distance
Clara May American Desi
Clare and the Reasons "EP"
Class Actress Rapprocher
Claypigeon "EP3"
Clay Venezia / ZrteO / Cape Thief split cassette
Clay Wilson End Gap
Clemetine & The Galaxy EP
Clem Snide “Songs We Made”
Clockpole "Live on KTRU February 26th"
Clockpole "SHFL July 22 2011"
Cloud Control Dream Cave
Cloud Nothings "Attack on Memory"
Cloud Nothings "Attack on Memory"
Cloudkicker Beacons
Cloudkicker "Hello"
Cloudkicker "Let Yourself Be Huge"
Cloudkicker "Portmanteau"
Clouds are Ghosts "Harbinger"
Clouds Collide "Until the Wind Stops Blowing"
Club 8 Above the City
The Coast s/t
cobalt cranes Golden Mansion
Cobi Briant Lost Songs
Cold Fur Altamont Every Night
The Cold Stares Hard Times
The Cold Stares Heavy Shoes
The Cold Stares Throw That Stone
The Cold Stares Voices
Colin Webster & Graham Dunning Most Of What Follows Is True
Collapse Under The Empire Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us
Collections Of Dead Souls A Calm Taste EP
Colleen Green Sock It To Me
Colleen Green "Time in the World"
Colour “Anthology”
Colourblind Kids White Clover
Coma "Hoooooray"
Coma Cinema Posthumous Release
Coma Cinema “Blue Suicide”
Committee of Vultures Everybody Wants The Blues
Common Folk July 2013 Demo CD
Common Folk “demo”
Complainer Pure Vanilla
The Composure Singled Out
Com Truise "Cyanide Sisters EP"
Com Truise "Fairlight"
Com Truise "Galactic Melt"
Com Truise Wave 1
CondorJet Anillos
Connection “Collection Vol. 1”
Conor Maynard By Your Side
Conor Maynard P.G.N.L.
Conor Maynard Storage
The Consolation Project Infinite Healing
The Consolation Project "Illumination"
The Consolation Project "Face Your Demons"
The Consolation Project "Holiday Lights EP"
The Consolation Project "Glaciers"
Conspiracy of Owls s/t
Contrast Dull
Cool Hawaii s/t
Cool Serbia Cool Serbia EP
cop funeral Feel Something
A Copy For Collapse Waiting For
Copywrite A Heart of Glass
Corin Tucker Band “Kill My Blues”
Corrupt Autopilot "Oh No!"
Corvid Canine Sleep Betrays Us
Cos Grace
Cosmic Embers Apocalypse In Metropolis
Cosmic Suckerpunch BREATHE EP
Cosmopolis Nixon-Manson
Costanza Costanza
Counter Culture “Lost In the Underground”
Country Death Anna's Opera
Courtship Ritual Interlude I
Cowboy Church I Left It In New Orleans
Coyotes in the Room Violence
Craft Spells Gallery
Crash Adams Astronauts
Crash Test Dummies Sacred Alphabet
Cream Dream “Love Letter”
Criminal Hygiene s/t LP
Crimson Calamity All In The Cards
Crisis Arm junk drawer
Crocodiles Crimes of Passion
Crocodiles “Endless Flowers”
Crooked Flower Into The Light
Crosses Crosses
Crowes Pasture Agree On
Crusaders of Love Take It Easy... But Take It
Crushed Out “Want to Give”
Crushed Stars Farewell Young Lovers
Crying Get Olde
Cryostasium Blood Memories
Crypts s/t
Crystal Antlers “Two Way Mirror”
Crystal Castles “III”
Crystal Friedman Hip Hop Covers Vol. 1
Crystal Stilts Nature Noir
ctrl_alt_del Destroy All Dancefloors
The Cult of Dom Keller
Cult of Youth “Love Will”
Cults Static
Cut Copy "Zonoscope"
Cut Off Your Hands “Happy As Can Be EP”
Cuts "EP"
cutslikediamonds “im not where i was while i was there”
CVBox What You Hear Is What You Get
C V L T S / Virgin Spirit “Time”
Cymbals The Age of Fracture
Cynic Kindly Bent to Free Us