Babe Club Need a Girl
Babe Rainbow “Greed Remix EP”
Babe, Terror Horizogon
The Babies “Our House on the Hill”
The Babies s/t
Back to Back "Live at Mango's"
BAD ANIMAL Growing Pains
The Bad Antics “Where Did I Go?
Badari Dream Journal
The Bad Bad Hats “Grow Up EP”
The Bad Drugs Screaming Bitch Creature
Bad Drugs “Alive Like Suicide”
BAD GIRL live 171117
Bad Sneakers Tanooki Suit
The Bad Spellers “Album Titled As Ourselves”
Bad Things Bad Things
The Bailout Bureau "Helpless EP"
Balance & Composure The Things We Think We're Missing
The Baltic Green Girl
Balto “Monuments”
Bambi Lee Savage “Darkness”
Band of Holy Joy Easy Listening
Band of Horses Acoustic at the Ryman
Band of Mercy “Conquest”
Band of Skulls "Sweet and Sour"
Band of Thieves s/t
Bang Bangz Red City
Bang Bangz EP
Bardo Pond Peace on Venus
Barista Open Sesame Vol 1: Her Dress
Baroness “Yellow and Green”
Barrow "Though I'm Alone" Basement Ghost s/t
Bashe Open Up
Basia Bulat Tall Tall Shadow
Bass Drum of Death s/t
Bassnectar “Freestyle Mixtape”
Bataille Solaire Documentaires
Bataille Solaire Dolby's ON
Bat for Lashes “Haunted Man”
The Bats Free All the Monsters
Battles “Gloss Drop”
Bayside Cult
BBU “Bell Hooks”
BDee Coppers Are Dead!!!
BDEE Food is an Addiction
BDEE To Be Chillwave or Not to Be Chillwave, That is the Question
Beach Fossils Clash the Truth
Beach House "Bloom"
The Beach Party Tropical Skies / Aura
Beach Vacation Maritime EP
Beacon The Way We Separate
Bearhead & Tape Sounds Bearhead & Tape Sounds
Bear In Heaven "I Love You It's Okay"
Bear State "Hello Alexander"
Bear State If I Die, I Die
Beast Make Bomb "Skinny Legs"
Beat Culture Tokyo Dreamer
beat easton beat easton
Beat Vermilion "BV001"
Beaver Brothers I Turned Into the Moon
Bedroom GROW
bEEdEEgEE Sum/One
beekeeper BE KEPT
Before Braille Kill the Messenger, Keep the Message
Beirut "Rip Tide"
Beldon Haigh Old Blackeye
Belgrade LP
Belle & Sebastian The Third Eye Centre
Belle Mare "Boat of the Fragile Mind EP"
The Belle Miners Powerful Owl
Belleview The Here and After
Bellow s/t
Bellows As If to Say I Hate Daylight
The Bell Peppers Cooking With The Bell Peppers
The Bell Peppers Saved by the Bell Peppers
Ben Sollee The Hollow Sessions
Be Quiet P R I M A L Berkshire Hounds "Greatest Hits"
Berserker Children Club Someday EP
The Besnard Lakes Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO
Best Coast "Only Place"
Best Coast Fade Away
Best Practices Sore Subjects
Better Best Something of a Reverie
Better Time “Better Measures”
Betty Who “Manasseh Israel”
Be Your Own Pet Get Awkward
Bibio Silver Wilkinson
Bibio The Green EP
Big Black Cloud Black Friday
Big Deal June Gloom
Big Orange Fluff Thirty Years Disinterred
Big Pauper Unnecessary Human Enterprise EP
The Big Ship A Circle is Forever
Big Shug Triple OGzus
Bike Thief “Ghost of Providence”
Bill Dolan / JBe Split 7"
Bill Rubin Fuck Everything
Billy Corgan "Future Embrace"
Bill Greenberg Ukraine
Billy Rogers One Night Only
Bing Satellites & Daniel Land King Midas in Reverse
Biographs must dissolve
The Bipolar Transmission Make Love, During War
Birdtapes Top 40 Compilation
The Birthday Party Hits
Birthing Hips Urge to Merge
Biznaga s/t EP
Black Cadillacs "Run"
Black City Lights "Parallels EP"
Black Coffee birthdeathbirth
Black Coffee s/t 7"
Black Coffee "Live From Free Press Summerfest '12"
Black Congress “Defeated”
Blackfoot Gypsies “On the Loose”
Blackfeet Braves LP
Black Flag What the...
Black Hearted Brother Stars Are Our Home
Black Hole Future Tiger Blood Drama Club
Black Hollies Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere
Black Joe Lewis Electric Slave
The Black Keys "El Camino"
Black Mare Field of the Host
Black Marketeers “Spillover”
Black Moth The Killing Jar
The Blackout Heist "Gemini Move"
Black Pistol Fire "Big Beat 59"
Black Reuss Metamorphosis
Black Storm s/t
Black Sugar Transmission The Glamour Pantomime
Black Swans “Occasion for Song”
Black Unicorn Traced Landscapes
The Black Watch Sugarplum Fairy, Sugarplum Fairy
The Black and White Years Just Like Old Times
Black Vacation Glazed
Blake Red The Cradle
Blank Banshee Blank Banshee 0
Blankets / Ivory Weeds split
Blank Realm Grassed Inn
The Blank Tapes Vacation
Blank Tapes “Sun’s Too Bright”
Blazar Better
Bleach Blonde Starving Artist
Bleached Ride Your Heart
Blear Moon Fallow
Bleeding Rainbow Interrupt
Blessed Salt
Blitzen Trapper VII
Blitzen Trapper Destroyer of the Void
Blitzen Trapper Furr
Bloc Party A Weekend In the City
The Blog That Celebrates Itself presents a Tribute to Cocteau Twins v/a
The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records VA "Got That Feeling" A Tribute to Skywave
Blonde Redhead Penny Sparkle
Blondes s/t
Blood Cousin You Won (or, We Have All Lost)
Bloodhounds On My Trail Escape II
Blood Orange Cupid Deluxe
The Blood That Drowns the Blade "Deeper"
The Bloody Angle s/t
bloody knives "Burn It All Down"
bloody knives "Burn It All Down"
bloody knives "Disappear"
bloody knives EP
Blossom Maybe
Blouse Imperium
Blouse s/t
The Blow s/t
Blue and Broke Night Shadows
Blue and Broke Was it Worth it
Blueanimal Figment That Was Me
Blueanimal Rock Bottom
Blueburst Supernova
Blue Hawaii Untogether
Blue October Sway
Blunda Brighter Days
Blurry Mountain Blue Velvet
B. Mills The Life & Times of an Eternal Optimist
Boardwalk s/t
Bobbie Morrone Lonely St.
Bob Mould Silver Age
Bob Mould Sunshine Rock
Bobby Ruckus "Go Hard" (Nicki Minaj)
bodyguards complacency
Body/Head Coming Apart
Body Parts Fire Dream
Bohren & der Club of Gore Piano Nights
The Bolts "Wait 'Til We're Young"
Bombay Bicycle Club "Different"
Bombay Bicycle Club So Long, See You Tomorrow
Bombay Pig Show s/t
Bone Cult Death Electronica
Bon Iver s/t
Boogie Board Ferric Tape Noir
Boogie Boarder Yikes
Booksmart Strange News
Bookwerm "Little Kid Shit"
Boom! Bap! Pow! So Heavy
BoomBaptist "The Lost Files Vol. 1 (2003 - 2005)"
BoomBaptist “The Lost Files Volume 4”
Boom Said Thunder Exist
Boom Said Thunder "The Saint" [single]
Boom Said Thunder Summer Twin
Borderline Symphony EP1
Borealis s/t single
Boreal the Sky Boreal the Sky
Bored Nothing s/t
Bored Spies Summer 720
Boris Attention Please
Born Blonde "I Just Wanna Be"
Born Gold I Am an Exit
Born Without Bones "Say Hello"
Botany Lava Diviner
Bottomless Pit Shade Perennial
Bowel “Ploughers of Land”
Boxed Wine Cheap, Fun
Boxed Wine EP
Boxed Wine Cheap, Fun EP
Box of Wolves Lost Tracks
Boy “Music from Boy”
boycalledcrow Nightmare Folk Art
Boyfrndz Natures
Boyfrndz “All Day Party”
Boyfrndz “And So It Goes”
The Boy In The Window Funeral Home Coffee
The Boy I Used To Be Friday Morning EP
The Boy I Used to Be Grip EP
Bracher Brown Broken Glass and Railroad Tracks
Bracket “Like You Know”
Braids Flourish // Perish
Braille Everyone's Crazy
Brains for Dinner “Just Be Nice”
Brainsqueezed My Fears in the Night
Branches “Thou Art the Dream”
Brandon Ralph Sphere
The Breakdowns “Kids Don’t Wanna Bop Any More”
Breakfast in Fur Flyaway Garden
Brendan Canning You Gots 2 Chill
Brendan James "Hope In Transition"
Brendan Scott Friel Simon the Doubter
Brett Dennen Smoke and Mirrors
Brianna Conroy Illusions
Briana Marela "Water Ocean"
Brian Carpenter's Beat Circus These Wicked Things
Brice Kendall The Birdhouse
Brick + Mortar Bangs
Bridge of Konigsberg "Five"
Brief Lives “Never Last”
Bright City Lights “Hope Has Come EP”
Bright Empty Fountain
Bright Light s/t
Brim Liski “Repetitions EP”
British Sea Power Machineries of Joy
Britney Spears Britney Jean
The Broadcasts The Broadcasts
Broken Bells s/t
Broken Bricks “Little”
Broken Fences s/t
Broken Prayer s/t
Bronx Cheerleader Get Out Your Guns (Steve Mason Remix)
Brookhaven "When Chorus Walks"
Brooks Forsyth So Much Beyond Us
Brother Android Hero Core OST
Bruce Springsteen "Wrecking Ball"
Bruno Mars "Doo Wop and Hooligans"
Bruxa “Victimeyez”
Brynilde The Sound of the Winter Sun
Brynn Knickle Fool No More
B-Side "Warmer Weather"
Buildings and Mountains "Summer Gut String"
Buke and Gase General Dome
Bunny the Girl strange thoughts
Burial “Kindred”
The Burning Balloons THIS IS OUR FUTURE
The Burning Leaves I am not afraid
Burnouts From Outer Space The Mercury Man EP
Bury the Crown “Shell Beach”
Bush "Sea of Memories"
Business of Ferrets One Night As Forever
Butterfly Black BRB
Butterfly Black Lifetime
Buttons and Mindy / Hit Home split EP
Buttons and Mindy “I Don’t Know the First Thing About Kiefer Sutherland"”
Buttons and Mindy “The Phantom Menace was the Worst Thing Since My Son”
Buyepongo Túmbalo