DW / JBe Limited Edition Split 7"
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. The Speed of Things
Dallas "Over the Edge EP"
Damien Jurado Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son
Damon Locks - Black Monument Ensemble Where Future Unfolds
Damon Mitchell Elise
Dana Fowler And The Horror Story
Dana Murray Negro Manifesto
da nang don't hate me
Dan Brenner "Little Dark Angel"
Danceland Don't Act Surprised
Danceland Not Without A Fight
Dan Croll From Nowhere / In/Out
Dan Deacon Gliss Riffer
The Dandelion War We Were Always Loyal to Lost Causes
Dangerous Ponies tenderheart
Daniel Avery Song For Alpha
Daniel Land Mistress
Daniele Carmosino Baradar
Danielle Liebeskind 29.3.2013
Daniel Ruane Twitch
Danielson "Alive"
Danny Darko ft. Julien Kelland Say Goodbye [single]
Dan Wande Way Back
Daredevil Christopher Wright "The Nature of Things"
Darenda Weaver "Eleven Songs"
Dark Castles s/t
Dark Dark Dark What I Needed EP
Dark Nature Icelandic Feelings
Darko the Super Apocalyptic Bastard
Darko the Super Don't Call The Brain Police!
Darkstar s/t
Darwin Deez Songs for Imaginative People
Date With The Knife In a box on Mount Victoria
datewiththeknife I Read a Book About a Mountain
Daughn Gibson Me Moan
dave Go and the Guy from Beastmaster dear darwin, kill jesus.
Dave Gunning Middle Ground
Dave Harrington Group Pure Imagination, No Country
Dave Vamfer Tricks of Life Medley
Davey Long FLESH & BLOOD
Davey Long Last Train To Tupelo
David AKZ Ultralight
David Bowie The Next Day
David F. Bello & His God Given Right EP
David G Buckley Boomshot
Davko Davko
Dawn Chorus Ignites Take Me With You
Dawn Landes Bluebird
Daylight Jar
Days Beyond Recall Cold Ones
daytime party s/t
Daytona s/t
DB Gordon and the Strange Weather "Sleep Well, Young Sailor!"
Dead Bugs Of a Feather
dead by sundown 2013 Demo
Dead Ghosts Can't Get No
Dead Horse One Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines
Dead Leaf Echo Thoughts & Language
Dead Revolt "Vanixer"
Dead Sara Antiquiet Sessions #1
Dead Uncles/The Credentials Split 7"
Dead Uncles "Stock Characters"
DeafEars Summer Demo
deafheaven Sunbather
Deap Valley Get Deap! EP
DEAR-GOD Copiapo
DEAR-GOD Weaponize This
Death and Vanilla To Where the Wild Things Are
Death Cab for Cutie "Plans"
Death Grips "Money Store"
Death Grips No Love Deep Web
The Death of Pop Let Me Drown
deathonthestars deathonthestars
Death Punchies Music From Adventure Time
Death Vessel Island Intervals
Deb Montgomery All the Water
The Decemberists "Long Live the King"
The Deep Dark Woods Jubilee
Deep Elm Records Sampler No. 11 I Am the Danger
Deerhoof Deerhoof vs. Evil
Deerhoof Breakup Song
Deerhunter Monomania
Deer Tick Negativity
Dee Sada Fragments
Defago Roots of Evil
Defeater Letters Home
Defektors Tour Cassette
Deleted Scenes Young People's Church of the Air
Delorean Apar
Delta Drift Latitude Sounds EP
Delta Spirit s/t
Deltron 3030 Event 2
Delyn Grey Daddy's Love
Demon Beat "Bullshit Walks"
Dennis Lloyd The Way
Dent May Warm Blanket
Dent May "Do Things"
Depeche Mode Delta Machine
Depression Prozac Party
Depth & Current How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
Desperate Journalist Desperate Journalist
Destroyer "Kaputt
Destruction Unit Deep Trip
Detboi I Can't Take It
Detective "However Strange"
Detroit Rebellion "s/t"
Devendra Banhart Mala
The Devil Makes Three I'm a Stranger Here
Devin Reardon Take Me To The Coast
Devin Reardon Ireland Song
DevotchKa "A Mad and Faithful Telling"
Devynity "Genesis Prequel"
DeWolff Heart Stopping Kinda Show
Dez Nado Flawda Ish
DG Adams Searching For Flowers
DG Adams Screens
Diamond Rings Free Dimensional
Diane Coffee My Friend Fish
Diane Gentile feat: Alejandro Escovedo Walk With Me
Diarrhea Planet I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Diesel13 Roar
The Dig You & I
digital.rape othering
Digital Thought Tester
Digits Only Affection EP
Dignan Porch Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen
Diiv "Oshin"
Dinosaur Dinosaur Somniloquy
Dirtdrinker s/t
Dirty Beaches Drifters / Love Is the Devil
The Dirty Clergy In Waves
Dirty Paraffin "Download This"
Dirty Realists Night Drive EP
Dirty Work s/t
Disappears Era
Disappears Irreal
Disaster Relief Back Into It
The Dismemberment Plan Uncanney Valley
Dispelling Hallows the autumn tapes
DJ Doubletake "Nicki Minaj"
DJ Jon Cue "Ribellion"
Doc City Welcome to Doc City
The Dodos Carrier
Dogjaw Slow to Build
Doldrums Lesser Evil
Dolly Dolly Antimacassar
Dolores Haze The Haze Is Forever
Dominique Pruitt He's Got It Bad
Don Brownrigg & Terra Spencer Say
Do No Harm / The Measure Of split EP
Donovan Wolfington Stop Breathing
Dopus Opus The Lake Sessions
Dorcelsius Climax Air Climax
Dorena Yr Nuet
Doseone "G is for Deep"
Dot Wiggin Band Ready! Get! Go!
Double Negative Hardcore Confusion Vols. III & IV
Doug Henthorn Forewarned and Failing
Doug Henthorn Three
Doug Keith Pony
Doug Macnearney Rambling Songs
Doug Tuttle Doug Tuttle
Downer The Worst Year of My Life
Dr. Acula "Nation"
Drake "Doing It Wrong" (Figgy Remix)
Dr. Dog B-Room
Dr. Dog "Be the Void"
D R E A M "T-120 Casette"
dreamcrusher SUICIDE DELUXE
Dream Eyes Heaven
Dreamghost Everything Is Alright
The Dreaming Rise Again
Dreaming Moths Truth
Dream Sick s/t + "Warning" [single]
Dredd Foole "That Lonesome"
Dresses Sun Shy
Drifter None Else
Drinking Flowers Sanity Restored 1972
Drive Like Maria Where the Broken Hearted Go
Dr. John "Lock Down"
Drones In Love Two Lucky Fingers E.P.
Drones In Love The 2nd Time Hurts Worse Than the First
Drones In Love Love Is a Gentle Noose EP
Drones in Love Christy EP
the droplets s/t
Drowner You're Beautiful, I Forgive You
Drowning Dreams Dream while drowning
Drowning Effect Techniculture
D.R.U.G.S. "Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows"
Dubcore / Herr Rubin Kompostownik / 2014
Ducat & Marshall "Adventures in Dubbing"
Duke & Goldie See You There
Dumb Numbers s/t
Dum Dum Girls "Always Looking"
Dum Dum Girls Too True
Dumsaint Vaporgaze
Dustin Wong Mediation of Ecstatic Energy
Dutch Uncles Out of Touch in the Wild
DVLPR Keep On (Walton Remix)
dwi Scars
Dylan Tauber Lone Satellite
Dylan Tauber Sounds From Space 2